Online Support

  • What equipment is required to use Sawtel Service?

    To use Sawtel Service, you'll need:

    • High-speed broadband service in your home - either through a cable or DSL modem. Your modem speed will need a minimum upstream and downstream capacity of 120 kbps.
    • A valid credit card to secure your purchase and to cover your Sawtel charges.
    • A modem that uses an Ethernet cord, not USB. If you don't have an Ethernet port, you should be able to purchase a USB adapter for use with the Sawtel gizmo (telephone adapter).
  • Can I keep my current phone number if I sign up for Sawtel Service?

    Yes, you can transfer your current phone number to Sawtel, as long as you are in the Sawtel Service area, use a Cable modem, and are not affected by any other eligibility limitations. After sign up you may request the transfer of an existing phone number by logging onto your Member Account Manager where you may fill out an online transfer request form.

  • Does Sawtel provide 911 (emergency dialing) service?

    Sawtel provides Enhanced 911 service at no extra charge. Sawtel was the first VoIP company to provide Enhanced 911 as an automatic benefit with any service plan. The safety of our members is important, and we have built a network that supports the most sophisticated 911 technology available to the VoIP industry.

    With Enhanced 911, your call is routed to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) supporting the service address you registered with your account. The emergency operator receives the name, address, and origination phone number of the caller. With this service, the caller does not need to verbally give their location to the operator.

    While Enhanced 911 is the most advanced form of Emergency Dialing Service available, there are some limitations when it is provided by a VoIP provide such as Sawtel. Therefore, you should always have an alternative means of accessing emergency service.

  • How do I make an international call from my Sawtel phone?

    Make international calls just like you always would, but with Sawtel Service great International rates are automatically included. You don't need to pay an extra fee or sign up for a special international plan.

    International dialing with Sawtel works just like traditional phone service. First, dial the international prefix (IDD prefix). This is the code required to dial a call FROM your location TO another country. To call out of the United States, this code is 011. Next, you must dial the country code for the country you are calling. These codes and the international rates can be found on the international rate table. Lastly, dial the city/area code and number associated with the place or person you are trying to reach.

    Dialing from the U.S.: Dial 011 + (country code) + (city/area code) + (number)

  • Do I have to have a Broadband Connection to use Sawtel?

    Yes. You can use DSL or Cable, but you must have a high-speed connection to use Sawtel Service. Your modem speed needs to be at least 120 kbps upstream and downstream to use Sawtel Service.

  • If I use AOL Broadband (Cable) will my Broadband Connection work with Sawtel Service?

    To test if you can use your AOL Broadband Connection with Sawtel Service simply open up an Internet browser. If you can reach the Internet without having to connect to AOL then you can use Sawtel Service.

    Note: Sawtel Service will not be compatible if when you attempt to open an Internet browser you are prompted to connect to AOL. This is due to the fact that AOL Broadband authenticates the connection using a software client which is not compatible with Sawtel Service.

  • Do I speak through my computer to use your service?

    No. Sawtel Service operates independently of the computer. You do need a broadband connection via cable or DSL. Sawtel is easy to install and once you have it installed; all you will need to do is pick up the handset and talk as you would normally.

  • How do I make and receive calls?

    Simply pick up the telephone and make calls like normal. You'll need to dial the area code and phone number for all calls outside of your area code. If the number you are calling has the same area code as your Sawtel Household Number, all you need to do is dial the last 7 digits of the number, no area code needed. You do not need to dial a "1" for long distance calls, but if you dial a "1" out of habit, your call will still go through. In turn, when you hear your phone ring, pick up the receiver and start talking, same as always.

  • Can I use my computer and talk on the phone at the same time?

    Yes. Sawtel Service works independently of your computer, so you can make and receive calls while surfing the web. If you've bought your equipment at a retailer you may need a router which will allow you to use your computer and your phone at the same time. Check the packaging for system requirements.

  • When calling other parties, do they also need to use Sawtel Service or some other type of VoIP service?

    No, when you call using Sawtel Service you can use your phone just like you always have - pick it up, dial anyone, anywhere and start talking!

  • How does the sound quality compare to my current phone?

    You'll find the quality is typically better than a cell phone and usually as good as a landline. You may experience some hiccups in sound quality if your broadband connection is running slowly or if your bandwidth is stretched with additional data (sending or receiving files from your PC at the same time). Three-way calling may also cause some disruptions if your modem speed is not at least 180 kbps.

  • Can I use my traditional phone service if I sign up for Sawtel Service?

    Yes. Your regular phone service is not affected by Sawtel Service. Sawtel Service operates through your broadband connection and does not interfere with your regular phone service. However, once you realize the great value and savings from Sawtel, you may want to downgrade your traditional plan to something less expensive or do away with traditional service all together.

  • Will my dial-up connection work with Sawtel Service?

    No, Sawtel Service uses broadband or high-speed Internet connections only - not dial-up connections. The higher connection speeds and greater bandwidth supported by broadband are required to allow both your computer and your phone to work simultaneously and to deliver quality reception.