Being good at your job means being good at helping your employees be good at theirs

Sawtel Hosted Microsoft Office Enterprise™, a new suite for collaborative work, adds Microsoft Office Groove™ and Microsoft Office OneNote™ to Microsoft Office Professional Plus™. Help your employees work efficiently and productively both with each other and in collaboration with customers and partners. With Sawtel Hosted Office Enterprise™, you get a complete set of tools that help your employees work efficiently and productively, both with each other and in collaboration with customers and partners.

Easily Organize Information

Gather disparate pieces of
information in one place

Building on the strengths of Office Professional Plus™, Office Enterprise™ provides two additional tools that help teams gather, store, organize, find, and easily share virtually any type of information, so they can work more efficiently:

  • Office Groove™ is a collaborative environment where teams can work together effectively
  • Office OneNote™ gives people one place to find, gather, and share their notes and information, from meeting notes to Web research to audio recordings
  • Simplify Working Together

    Make it easier for information workers to share information and work collaboratively.

  • Organize content in one location

    Use Office OneNote™ to easily gather, find, and organize many different types of content, -all in one place.

  • Work dynamically with teams

    With the Office Groove™ rich client experience, you can work in teams, dynamically from any location, independent of a network connection. Quickly set up and invite colleagues into a security-enhanced online Groove workspace, where all team members can share information, without the need for designated IT staff.

  • Know when information has been updated

    Create customized alerts and notifications in Groove workspaces so you can know when others have created and are sharing new information.

  • Keep your information in sync

    Before going offline, you don't have to download information from Groove workspaces or OneNote notebooks, or upload changes when you reconnect. Offline work is automatically synchronized to all team members as soon as an Internet connection is obtained.

  • Create, Control, and Manage Content

    Enhance your organization's ability to manage all types of collaborative content, more effectively.

  • Work more productively

    Use Office OneNote™ to organize and consolidate disparate pieces of project-related information, including handwritten notes, audio and video recordings, formatted documents, and still images.

  • Remain in control of your information

    You can choose which portions of your OneNote notebooks to share and which to keep private. Password protection on specific sections of users' notebooks means, only individuals who are granted access can view them.

  • Help protect your data

    Your information will be in a security-enhanced environment at all times, even on portable computers and wireless networks, with Office Groove™.

  • Take advantage of workspaces

    Work effortlessly in Groove workspaces, virtually anywhere, online or offline, without having to download, upload, or replicate documents and information.

  • Deliver Better Business Insight

    Extend information workers' ability to find, use, and manage information.

  • Manage information in one place

    Use Office OneNote™ to gather, store, and search for information about projects that can be used as examples of best practices, or as a way to avoid duplicating work. Collect all the research for a project in one place.

  • Access relevant data, online or offline

    With both Office OneNote™ and Office Groove™, you can access the most relevant project data, continuously, whether you are online or offline.

  • Monitor document changes

    Gain greater visibility into the most up-to-date project information. Sound and text alerts notify you of specific changes, helping eliminate the need to check for updates.

  • See which team members are actively working online

    Through indicators of member presence in Groove workspaces, you always know who is online. You can exchange messages with online team members using the chat tool in Office Groove™.

  • Streamline Business Processes

    Help organizations execute business processes more effectively and with greater efficiency.

  • Collaborate efficiently, virtually anywhere, anytime

    Use Office Groove™ to increase your productivity by working efficiently with others, anywhere you can connect your portable computer to the Internet.

  • Work remotely

    Be productive on the go with Office OneNote™ by collecting, viewing, and searching notes and other information on a mobile device and syncing it with the OneNote notebook on your computer. Create and customize Groove workspaces in minutes, and invite colleagues, partners, and customers to collaborate in a security-enhanced environment, without having to worry about needing IT resources.

  • Keep track of action items

    Two-way task syncing between Office OneNote™ and Microsoft Office Outlook™ means you can easily keep track of action items and other important information. You can link notes in your OneNote notebooks to Office Outlook™ contacts or meetings, so you always have the proper context, and are better prepared.