The Sawtel Hosted Conference Calling solution is a next generation approach for delivering a cost effective, feature rich conference calling service that can be readily deployed, network wide, through SIP-enabled media gateways or VoIP networks. Based on a pure IP implementation, Sawtel offers significant functional and cost advantages over legacy, TDM based audio conference bridges. Conference Calling is available as an automated (via the Web) or operator assisted, reservation-less meet me conferencing service. Sawtel Conference Calling provides a complete solution for conferencing services that includes the telephony service interactive voice response (IVR) logic, Web-based subscriber creation and account management, subscriber database management including PIN number creation and authentication, audio mixing using an IP media server, and support for output of an AMA standardized Customer Detail Record (CDR) format. This gives clients access to an off-the-shelf conferencing solution, whilst generating significant cost savings.

Flexible, Feature-Rich Conference Call Service

The Sawtel Conference Calling solution offers advantages to clients

  • Unattended or Assisted Conference Calls

    Conference call moderators and participants can use the service without the need for operator assistance, reducing service costs. For premium conference calling offerings, the service also supports the use of customer service representatives.

  • Prepaid Billing

    A prepaid conferencing service is offered that will rate all call legs in a conference call and decrement, in real-time, the moderators account balance.

  • Multiple Languages

    Sawtel Hosted services have been deployed worldwide in 13 different languages.

  • Re-seller Management and Ser vice Branding

    Clients can brand their own Calling Card service with custom voice prompts and create customized branded e-mails for notifications.

  • Zero-touch Subscriber Provisioning

    Subscriber self-provisioning eliminates Service Provider provisioning and subscriber acquisition costs. An easy-to-use Web interface enables subscribers to create their new account in minutes. Conference Calling enables a conference moderator (subscriber) to organize a multiparty conference call that can be accessed by conference participants, via an access number, using any phone. The application enables the conference moderator to set up their account through a Web-based self-provisioning interface, and then dynamically create multi-party conference calls through a Web-based self-service interface. Subscribers have the option of talking to a live operator or making a reservation.

  • Web-based Self-service

    Once moderators have created their account, they can easily schedule conference calls and customize and manage the service to meet their needs via a self-service Web portal.

    Web-based Self-service

A Complete IP Voice Service Solution
Sawtel provides an all-in-one solution for deploying revenue-saving broadband IP telephony services. Traditional enhanced services can also complement "line-side" services to provide a common software platform, streamlining the effort associated with bundling and deploying multiple services. Sawtel Hosted services can be tailored to meet specific needs with new or customized features using the Service Creation Environment (SCE).