Sawtel Virtual Storage gives you a hefty 5 GB of free, password-protected online file storage, that lets you access your files anytime you're online. Plus, it's an easy way share your files with friends-or the world.

  • Get to your files from anywhere online.

    Whatever computer you're using, you can get to your files. With Sawtel Virtual Storage, you can store, access, and share your files, from anywhere online.

  • Share files the easy way

    Sharing files with friends, family, or co-workers is a snap when you can all add and update files in a shared folder. And, it's password-protected, so you still control who sees what.

  • Share files worldwide

    Have files you want to share with the entire online community? No problem. Sawtel Virtual Storage lets you share your files in a public folder that only you can update.

  • Share files right from your space.

    With Sawtel Virtual Storage, you can embed public or shared folders on your space. Everyone can see what's public, but only people that you've granted permissions to can see your shared folders.